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Warburg Tour Italy 2017 – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Generally, what will the tour include in terms of sightseeing?

Visiting Italy with slightly over a week’s time to spend there is a challenging, exhilarating adventure – however, one Italy will never let you forget. Add in an American football experience and we are really ‘pushing the envelope’ filling up nine-days with as much as possible.   This will be an ambitious tour, but you will receive a magnificent overview and many of the highlights of Italy including Rome, Siena, Florence, San Marino and the Adriatic Coast. At times we will be hustling, but there will also be times to relax at streetside café, pizzerias or restaurant to take in the incredible ambiance one finds in this historic and special country.images

  • What is included in the tour?

Please see tour inclusions on the Warburg Traveler Information sheet. As well as trans-Atlantic airfare and all overnight accommodations basically all of your necessary expenses are covered from the time you board the plane until you return home except for most lunches. All other meals are included (note that except for water and provided juices it is customary in Europe that drinks at meals are not included). All team/tour ground transportation and admission to sites on scheduled tours are included. The tour provides a full-time, bi-lingual tour manager as well as a US football operations tour leader. During the journey you will receive several guided tours by bi-lingual guides. You will also receive an AFW souvenir. You will need to budget for some ‘spending money’ for souvenirs from Italy, some refreshments and tips (it is customary to tip tour manager, guides and motor coach driver).

  • What are the ‘football benefits’ realized from joining the tour?

Those who commit to a foreign competition tour get the benefit of up to 10 days of padded spring practices prior to the trip as well as a couple practices, competitive football scrimmaging and the ultimate ‘road game’ against an international opponent while on tour. In addition, what has been equally if not most impressive is the team-building aspect that is derived from a trip of this nature. A tremendous camaraderie and cohesiveness is gained as young men travel together through a foreign land and in a different culture.

  • If I do not take advantage of this upcoming opportunity will I be able to go again?

NCAA rules allow all athletic teams the opportunity to participate in a foreign competition tour once every fourth year. Should the Spartans tour in 2015 they will not be eligible for a foreign competition tour again until May of 2018.

  • Can family members join in on the tour?

Yes, we encourage family members to visit this fascinating, beautiful part of the world as well as seeing you compete in a very special and unique setting. Parent fees are likely to be slightly higher that those of student-athletes as lower ‘student’ touring fees are passed along. Siblings of team members will only be permitted to join the tour if a parent or parents are attending as well.images

  • When will we depart and return?

We plan to depart on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 with an afternoon departure from Minneapolis International Airport. We are scheduled to arrive in Rome the following morning. The tour group is currently scheduled to return from Rome on Wednesday, June 7, 2017.

  • What is the financial cost of the trip?

Please see current pricing information on the Traveler Information document. For those who register by June 30th your price is guaranteed. For those who register after June 30th we will do all that we can to hold that price as long as we can. Any change in pricing for later registrants will be communicated before your deposit is accepted.

  • How will I be able to afford this great opportunity?

Thousands of young men have realized the dream of representing their university and the USA in international competition by both working hard to save for the tour and asking others who care about them to contribute to this special opportunity. One of the best time-tested and proven ways to make a significant dent in the expenses of the trip is to fund-raise by simply asking others who care about you for their help. In exchange for their financial assistance, you may want to be willing to then share your experience with them. Just take the time to kindly and properly ask those who love and support you. There are various fund-raising appeals you can make, including:

o   Ask family members and relatives to make donations.

o   Ask people who care about you to make a gift to you in lieu of a traditional Christmas gift or for your upcoming graduation that you can apply to the trip.

o   Send out a separate request or sponsorship letter to others who have helped you in your development as a football player.

o   Ask your parents to help you identify service organizations in your community (Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.) to whom you can write for a gift. Offer to come in to speak to them about the experience from an educational, cultural and athletic standpoint.

o   Ask for a ‘loan’ from your parents for a certain percentage of the trip and then secure a job after the football season to pay them back.

  • Is there a “Land Only” option?

Team members, unless excused by their head football coach and they will be traveling with parents, must travel with the team tour which includes the entire package of airfare and ground costs listed above and on the tour information sheet. Non-team members (parents, family and friends of the program) are welcome and encouraged to travel with the team from departure on campus or at our US gateway for maximum benefit and convenience. However, others are welcome to meet us at our destination by booking their own airfare and there will be a ‘land-cost only’ package. Note, that it is the ‘land only’ travelers’ responsibility (financial) to meet up with the main tour group at the foreign destination to gain full benefits of tour offerings.

  • What is football like in Europe and around the world?

images“American football” is how our game is known around the world as a way to distinguish it from their football – what we know as soccer. There are now 60+ countries in the world with Federations for American Football. The game has had its longest and steadiest presence in Europe for many decades now with as many as 800 club teams playing American football. Some clubs in the world, and many in Europe, are quite fascinated with and even fanatical about American football. In the last 10 years there has been a very steady upward trend to the quality of play in American football internationally. There have now been 4 World Championships of American Football at the senior division (+20 years of age) beginning in 2003, 2007, 2011 and in the summer of 2015. The US has now twice hosted the Junior (U19) World Championships of American Football (Canton 2008, Austin 2012) and in 2014 participated and won the world title in Kuwait.

  • Who will we play and how good with the Italian team be?

Currently, we are seeking a reputable Italian senior (20+ years of age) focusing on the Ancona Dolphins to take on and learn from the CWRU Spartans.  The Italians who play American football have a passion for the game that is very similar to yours. Note that in Europe the sport is not ‘idolized’ nor does it receive anywhere near the publicity and media attention that it does here in the US so those who play it must truly love it to be playing it. However, they have not grown up with the ‘repetitions’ you have had and they usually only practice twice a week. They will have some solid players, but overall they will not be able to match your individual skill level or unit coordination. Still, play to your standards. Execute Warburg Knights football, help them up after the play and say “nice job”. Then do it again.

  • How do I secure a passport?

Generally, visit your local post office to secure the necessary form. You will also need a government issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license), your birth certificate, two current pictures of yourself (can be secured at Walgreens, etc.; should be 2×2 with a white background) and the required fee. For more information, visit http://travel.state.gov/passport/ .

  • How do I register?

If you do not have a registration form, seek one from your head football coach or go to our website at www.americanfootballworldwide.com and download a form to print. Fill out the required material and mail it in along with a credit card number or check to Coach Debeljak. 


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