Wartburg Tour ’17

imgres-34On May 30, 2017 members of the Wartburg Knights football team and family members will depart for Italy to enjoy over a week in this historically significant, culturally fascinating and aesthetically beautiful country.  Landing in Rome on the last day of May the tour group will ‘hit the ground running’ taking in a guided tour through the famous streets and piazzas of for many western civilizations most significant city.  Tour participants will see and be impressed by Navonna Square, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Spanish Steps and more.  The day will be an exhilarating introduction to Italy.

Siena's Beautiful Shell-Shaped Town Centre

Siena’s Beautiful Shell-Shaped Town Centre

The tour group moves on the next day heading north to the mystical region of Tuscany which is known for its natural beauty and cuisine.  The initial stop will be in the captivating city of Siena, home to the bi-annual colorful Palio horse race which takes place their picturesque shell-shaped town square knows as ‘the Campo’.  After a guided visit there will be free time to enjoy this relaxed city which has fantastic shops before the group moves on to relax for the evening.

On Friday, June 2nd the Wartburg Knights will get in an early morning practice to tune up for their international contest.  Afterwards the tour group will enjoy one of the most popular cities of the world in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance.  In this city, tour participants will witness possibly the most artistic city in the world.  In the Tuscan sun savor and enjoy famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Palazzo Vecchio and the impressive and imposing Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore and its Baptistry.  The evening will conclude with a delicious meal at a select Florentine restaurant.


Majestic San Marino

On Saturday, the tour group moves on to the oldest Republic in the world and a visual jewel in San Marino.  After exploring this largely mountain top community, you will move down to the nearby coast for afternoon sun and surf in the beach community of Riccioni.  The group will move a little south to be closer to their game site the next day.

On Sunday, the Wartburg Knights will tour Ancona then take on their  outstanding American football club, the Dolphins, who are routinely the best team in the Italian Football League’s south division.  After a fun and spirited contest where members of the Knights and Dolphins help each other grow and improve, both teams and programs will celebrate new friendships forged in football.  An evening of Italian food and drink will lead to many laughs and some merriment.


Vatican City from Tiber River

The following day, the tour group will head back to Rome for a couple days wrapping up their great adventure.  A big portion of the afternoon upon return will be spent in Vatican City – the third independent state that the tour group will visit in a little over a week.  Tour members will go through the Vatican Museums which houses countless treasures, view the Sistine Chapel and spend time in St. Peter’s Basilica, the largest church in the world, as well as St. Peter’s Square.

The following day, the Wartburg Knights take in the one-and-only Roman Colosseum which consistently awes visitors.  The group will also tour the Roman Forum where much of western civilization for was governed and shaped for nearly a millennium.  The afternoon will involve free time for further exploration, last minute souvenir shopping and simply enjoying one more time la vita dolce – “the sweet life” – that is available in Italy.  On our final evening, the tour group will celebrate this journey with a festive dinner in Rome.


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