SPAIN 2020 AFW ELITE Tour Traveler Information

Traveler Information – USA-AFW ELITE to Spain ’20

AFW ELITE HS Select Spain ’20 Tour (April 11 thru April 19, 2020) Includes

  • Group Round Trip Airfare from New York, Chicago or LA to Barcelona – Return from Madrid OR “Meet in Rome Land Only Travel Option”
  • All Overnight Accommodations after departure and until return flight
  • Breakfast Daily, Four Lunches, all but one Dinner (3 lunch and 1 dinner ‘free-time’ traveler choice meals)
  • All Transportation Between Tour Destinations
  • Multiple Guided Sight-Seeing Tours 
  • Full-time English/Spanish-Speaking Tour Leader
  • USA-AFW ELITE Coaching & Chaperone Staff 
  • Tour Travel Gear for Players (shirts, jacket, workout gear, etc.)
  • Game Uniforms & Commemorative Game Jersey for Players
  • Outstanding, Highly-Successful Coaches and Chaperones
  • Organized USA-AFW ELITE Team Practices 
  • American Football Game Against Spanish National U19 Team! 
  • Student Travel-Medical Insurance
  • Family Members Welcome – Additional Touring Time & Options

Student-Athlete Selection Criteria for Trip Participation

  1. Must be a senior or junior for your high school team
  2. Juniors should get future HS eligibility clearance from HS head coach
  3. Must not have been subject to formal school or team discipline while in HS
  4. To enhance your chances your HS head football coach or coordinator should fill out the recommendation form (d) or write a short letter verifying the criteria and comment on your football ability and character to be part of a trip of this nature.  (You can and probably should register for the tour before your coach recommendation is filed.)

Student-Athlete Tour Participation – Registration Procedure & Payment Schedule

  1. Determine if you meet the selection criteria outlined above
  2. If so, fill out the Student-Athlete Registration Form and return it with a personal or certified check or credit card made out to American Football Worldwide for the deposit of $350 (see cancellation policies and penalties below).  All deposit funds are applied to the costs of the tour.  (Note, you can register before securing the recommendation form from your coach and a passport number is not needed to register.)
  3. Register by phone. Call AFW at 309-781-7274.  Registrants must be prepared to supply personal information and a credit/debit card for deposit.
  4. Roster positions for USA-AFW ELITE will be established (and close) by a first-to-deposit basis.
  5. By November 1, 2019 make a second installment payment or fund-raise an additional $750. (See fund-raising opportunities listed below).
  6. By December 15, 2019 make an installment payment or fund-raise an additional $900 to a total of $1900 on account.
  7. Payment in full (Air & Land ranging from $3695 – $3,865 Cash depending on departure gateway/$debit-credit*); Land Only $2665 Cash/$2760 debit-credit*) is due February 1, 2020 – See Tour Pricing below.

Athlete/Player Registration Form (Air & Land) – Spain Player Registration Form

Family Member/Fan Tour Participation – Registration Procedure, Payment Schedule and Pricing

Family member tour participation is not required, but highly encouraged. Approximately half of our players will travel on their own meeting an AFW group at a US departure gateway while rooming with a USA-AFW ELITE teammate. About half of our team comes with a parent, both parents and/or other family members who wish to enjoy the sensational and absolutely historically unique experience that is Italy.  During practices for players, non-athletes have other touring options and/or free time to enjoy more of la vita dolce – Italy’s ‘the sweet life’.

  1. Fill out the Family Member Registration Form and return with deposit of $350 (see cancellation policies and penalties below).  All deposited funds are applied to costs of the tour, or
  2. Register by phone. Call AFW at 309-781-7274.  Registrants must be prepared with personal information and a credit/debit card for deposit.
  3. Meet the payment deadlines listed above for student-athletes.
  4. Note that after first family member, additional traveling members receive a $100 deduction from the tour price.
  5. Payment in full is due February 1, 2020. If single accommodation is chosen an additional payment is due.   See Tour Pricing below.
  6. Family Member tour participants are advised to investigate and strongly consider purchasing travel insurance.

Please note that this tour requires walking reasonable distances.  You should be in good health, able to climb stairs and walk on uneven ground.

Family/Fan Registration Form (Package Choice) – Family/Fan Registration Form

Student-Athletes Traveling Alone – Must Fly With Main AFW Tour Groups out of New York, Chicago or LA*

Any student-athlete traveling without parents must fly with the team and coaches departing out of New York, Chicago or LA.  On past tours, we have had an appreciable group meet in Chicago with many coming in the day before to enjoy an overnight social taking place before departure to Europe the following day.  We will have hotel accommodations adjacent to O’Hare Airport.  Additional accommodation fees will apply.

Land Only Travel Option – Traveling with at least one Parent?  Meet us in Barcelona!

As an expanded option, players can meet us in Barcelona if a parent is accompanying him on the trip and joining the tour.  It is the travelers responsibility to meet the tour group at the airport or in Barcelona on Sunday April 12, 2020 in a specific time frame or at the group hotel later our first day.

If you are likely to or considering traveling with a parent you are advised to register for the tour and secure a roster spot immediately or as soon as possible.  Continue to meet payment requirements. However, do not book you and your parent’s airfare to Spain until after you consult with AFW/Jim Barnes at 309-781-7274 as this needs to be coordinated as best as possible.

  1. To be on the roster, fill out the Respective Land Only Registration Form and return with deposit of $350 ($150 non-refundable if traveler cancels).  All deposits applied to costs of the tour, or
  2. Register by phone. Call AFW at 309-781-7274 weekdays between 9am and 2pm (CST).  Registrants must be prepared with personal information and a credit/debit card for deposit.
  3. By November 1, 2019 make a second installment payment of $600 or fund-raise to a deposited total of $950 (See fund-raising opportunities listed below).
  4. Payment in full ($2665 cash/$2755 credit for team members, $2760 Cash/$2850 credit for family members) is due February 1, 2020.   (If single accommodations are chosen a supplemental payment will be due.   See Tour Pricing below.)
  5. Medical travel insurance is provided for team members.  Family member tour participants are advised to investigate and strongly consider purchasing travel insurance.

Athlete/Player Registration Form (Circle “Land Only”) – Spain Player Registration Form

Family/Fan Registration Form (Check “Land Only” Option) – Family/Fan Registration Form

Tour Pricing & Clarifications

Tour pricing is for double occupancy and based on airfare, land costs and rate of exchange.  The prices are valid until reserved spacing is booked.  Afterwards we will attempt to book additional travelers at best rates at that time.  Current pricing will be communicated before booking.

Cash/Currency Pricing:

  • New York: Team Member – $3695; Family Member – $3790
  • Chicago: Team Member – $3795; Family Member – $3890
  • Los Angeles: Team Member – $3865; Family Member – $3960
  • Land Only – Meet in Barcelona: Team Member – $2665; Family – $2670

Pricing is cash-based.  For all electronic credit/debit card transactions (after initial deposit) .033 will be added to final tour cost.

Pricing includes taxes and fees and are subject to change if taxes and fuel surcharges are raised by more than 5%.  (This has never happened with one of our AFW tours.)

For single occupancy on this tour a supplemental fee of $340 for the week is required.

Our flights allow for one checked, one small carry-on and one personal item at no charge.  Travelers will be informed how to pack without incurring any extra charges, but must comply with the instructions.  For baggage requirements and fee information go to the airlines website when your reservation is confirmed.

Student-athlete tour spots are also limited and determined on a first-deposit basis. Prices are based on 40 paid travelers.  If the minimum is not met by December 15, 2019 all parties will be notified of any price increases and the tour can become subject to cancellation.  If cancelled for this reason all amounts deposited will be refunded.  We have full expectation this tour will happen as we have never had to cancel our AFW Spain tour.

Fundraising Opportunities for AFW ELITE Team Members

Once you deposit for this tour, download and print the ‘AFW Spain Competition Tour Sponsorship Form’.  Address and distribute this form immediately to those who would possibly support you or direct them to the SPONSOR link^ on the AFW website. Ask relatives, local businesses, high school boosters, etc. to support your ambition and dream to represent the USA in international competition and you can reduce your tour costs significantly. For additional fund-raising ideas click on this link – AFW ELITE Fundraising Ideas – and see the Fundraising link.

In addition to the fund-raising efforts of participating student-athletes, the AFW Education Foundation will continue efforts to raise funds and seek sponsors to help reduce the cost of the tour for our student-athletes. Tour participants will be notified of cost reductions due to the contributions of others.

If you and your family face significant financial hardship but would like to have this tremendous growth opportunity a part of your education and life experiences, contact AFW for information as to qualifying to do your fund-raising through the AFW Education Foundation which is an approved 501(c)(3) entity.  You would need to promptly file a financial hardship application.  If approved, your fund-raising efforts would be eligible as a charitable contribution that is tax-deductible to the donor.

Send in your registration form and deposit – then distribute your sponsorship and or donation request letters – asap

Additional Preparation & Potential Expenses

  • Passports – If you do not have one, after you register please secure this document immediately.  Every traveler must be in possession of the appropriate documentation a couple months prior to departure.
  • 3 ‘Free-time’ Lunches, 2 “Traveler Choice” dinner, Souvenirs & Tips – All meals except three lunches and two dinners are covered.  During touring on a couple of our afternoons free time is allowed for you to dine and sample local fare that may be of interest to you.  You also have the early evenings free for dinner in both beautiful Barcelona and Peniscola.  In addition, you need to budget for souvenirs you wish to purchase.  Lastly, tipping for services including bus transportation and tour guides is customary.
  • Additional Baggage Information: after trip confirmation you will be informed of a typical travel ‘packing list’ and how to do this with one checked bag and allowable carry-on items.  However, extra charges for baggage may be incurred at the traveler’s expense should they not comply with provided instructions.  Please refer to the airline (TBD) website and their international baggage policies.

Football Equipment/Supplies, Position and Medical Coverage

  • We will supply practice shorts, practice jersey, game socks, game pants and game jersey.  Please see your high school coach to secure hard gear (helmet, shoulder pads, hip pads, leg pads) for the tour.  You will also need a travel bag that can hold a helmet and shoulder pads.  You will be asked to bring athletic socks, cleats and a mouthpiece.
  • We limit the team roster to ‘two-deep’ at each position grouping. Normally our rosters range from 28 – 34 players total.  All players get snaps in at least two phases of the game and some players will play in all three phases. We will do all that we can to have you play a position with which you are familiar.  At the same time, we are not certain of the make-up of our squad and we are likely to ask some players to play a similar, but different position.  You will likely play in at least two phases of the game and possibly in all three phases.  All of our players will have the opportunity to play plenty of snaps.  Wherever you are assigned to play you will perform like a football player trained in the USA!
  • A certified athletic trainer will be provided and attend all practices and the game.  In addition, the game will be staffed with a licensed Italian physician and appropriate medical crews.

Travel Insurance

  • Student-Athletes: Included in their tour price for student-athletes is your insurance. Student-athlete travelers have some coverage for limited medical, lost baggage, and travel inconvenience. Total trip refunds are available under this policy for defined, specific cancellation circumstances. Refer to policy information provided to you or under Traveler Information on the website.
  • Adult, Family and Coaches: Insurance cost is based on age and is NOT a part of your tour price. It is highly recommended that you research and based on your individual circumstances consider purchasing travel insurance possibilities with your insurance agent or on-line.

NCAA Eligibility 

A game of this nature and the tour does not affect your NCAA eligibility.  Hundreds of young men have played college football after participating in an international athletic and football experience.

Information regarding NCAA eligibility

Cancellation Policy & Penalties*

  • After registration deposit, $150 is non-refundable.  After September 1, 2019 the full $350 deposit is non-refundable.
  • Beginning December 1, 2019;  airline and other reservations are confirmed soon afterwards and all amounts deposited are non-refundable. A party who cancels can attempt to substitute a traveler for a ‘replacement fee’ and if one is secured part of the deposited funds will be returned.
  • To qualify for a ‘refundable’ cancellation, a written/e-mail request must be made to Jim Barnes by November 30, 2019 in accordance with the terms and dates above.

For Additional Questions

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