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Student-Athlete Testimonials

DSC_7251“AFW offers players a very unique experience as it gives athletes a ‘grand finale’ to their high school careers. Whether an athlete is coming off of a season-ending loss or a state championship title, AFW gives players the chance to use their skills from the sport they love to connect with a whole other culture and to bond with players from around the United States.”  Brock Workman, Barrington HS (Illinois); Washington University (St. Louis)


“Touring around France, seeing the beaches of Normandy in person, meeting my teammates, and playing football for my country were all memories I will never forget.”  Joe Kutil – Notre Dame Preparatory, (Michigan); Hillsdale College (Michigan)





My  trip to France was incredible.  I came back, not only with greater DSC_7877knowledge of a country with amazing food, culture and history, but also with a huge appreciation for the soldiers who fought to defend democracy and the freedom provided by the United States, during the second World War.  I will cherish the memories I experienced for the rest of my life.  Spending that time in France with my dad by my side was a huge privilege for me, and I am incredibly thankful and grateful to have experienced it.  The work you and AFW does to put on this game is very beneficial to all who partake in the trip.  Thank you so much for the opportunity.”   Ben Howard – Valhalla HS (California); Cuyamaca Community College




“The bonds that you will create with the people you meet from around the country will set up friendships that will last a lifetime. Make the most of your time in France.”  Jackson Baker, Oldham County HS (Tennessee); University of Tulsa




“It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I learned about a whole new culture and had a chance to be able to represent my country by playing the sport I love, that is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Kishan Patel – Elk Grove HS (Illinois), University of San Diego



“A group of strangers, brought together by the game of football, which on the journey then became a band of brothers.  One team, one unit, one America.” Jacob Alston – Butler HS (Pennsylvania);  Spire Institute




DSC_7951“Touring with AFW was a truly life-changing experience that gave me a whole new appreciation for this great game, as well as the opportunity to see some of the most famous landmarks in the world; but really the best thing about it was the lifelong relationships that were forged among my teammates.”  Mason Darrow, Barrington HS (Illinois); Princeton University

 Parent Testimonials



“Thanks again for the wonderful experience that you have provided for our young men.  Erik has still not quit talking about his experience with the team, the life-long bonds that he’s made with both his teammates and a few of his French counterparts, as well as the wonderful memories he has had in traveling through the history that he’d only read about before.  Suzi Erwin, mother of Jake Erwin, Belton HS (Texas)



“This was amazing, simply amazing.  The support that we received from you was priceless.  We felt valued and a part of the team long before we met in Chicago, before the plane ever took off.  When the actual game was being played, I was at work and unable to watch but thanks to email, the other parents kept me up to date so I knew exactly what was going on.  It was really cool.  I remember picking Jabari up from the airport and asking how everything went.  He told me that when the game was over, he knew what it must feel like to be famous because that’s how jubilant the atmosphere was.  AFW has given him an experience of a lifetime and we are forever grateful.  In fact, my nephew is a junior this year and we’re already raising funds to get him signed up for his senior year!  Tasha Williams-Hudson, mother of Jabari Prim (RB), Roseville (Minnesota)


DSC_7960The Gierke Family can not thank you enough for this wonderful experience!  It was definitely the best vacation we have and could ever have taken in our lives. There probably is not a day that goes by that we are not talking about something we saw or did while in France.  I put together 3 scrapbooks together from our Paris/Normandy adventures.

It was an amazing experience for the family members and even more so for our young men. Brett talks frequently about the Normandy excursion. He is a big history buff and that definitely made a huge impact on him. 

Forever your friends, The Gierke Family; Greencastle HS, Fillmore (Indiana); Wabash College

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