Coach Barnes is available for personal instruction for aspiring young players age 10 – 18.  He has been a position coach for all ‘two-point’ stance positions.  He has coached the collegiate quarterback position for a variety of styles.  One quarterback he mentored broke several school records surpassing previous marks set by an NFL quarterback.  Another quarterback he coached holds the NCAA record for most yards rushed by a college quarterback in an NCAA game.

He has also coached receivers in the top ten in career receptions at two institutions including an individual who holds the conference record for catches in a career.  In addition, he has coached defensive backs with college school records in interceptions.  Coach Barnes originally made his marks at the collegiate level as a defensive coordinator focusing on coaching defensive backs and linebackers.

Coach Barnes is also a huge proponent that the investment of time in developing a student-athletes time management and organizational skills along with attitudinal development will lead to having a player more prepared and a better performer on the field.  Coaches can provide all their student-athletes with some systematic techniques and exercises relative to the topics mentioned above that will enhance the overall attitudes and behaviors that will lead to more cohesion, satisfaction and success for participants within the program.

Coach pictured with his position player, QB Jake Caron, who was named MVP of the 2010 Tazon de Estrellas (“Game of Stars”).  This game, played annually in December pitting NCAA Division III all-star players versus the all-star team from the private university league (CONADEIP) of Mexico. Team Stars & Stripes went on to win 48-7 with Jake throwing 4 touchdown passes.

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