Consultation & Speaking: American Football, International Travel, Team Building & Adventure

Coach Barnes is available to be a consultant or speaker on topics ranging from developments with American football internationally, competing in American football abroad, international travel involving American football or in general, team building, the development of student-athletes and adventure sharing the myriad of short-term and long-range benefits to all of the above.

With over 25 years coaching at the NCAA level, 16 as a head coach, Coach Barnes has had the good fortune of being part of exclusively winning seasons and teams.  He is qualified to speak on organizational and administrative matters involved in establishing a culture of success and a winning program.  He has an historical and up-to-date grasp on team building principles and concepts along how a head coach can establish programming to enhance a student-athlete’s overall development.

Coach Barnes has also lead American teams, both collegiate and high school select, into competition in Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ireland, France and Mexico. In January of 2015 Coach Barnes served as the head football coach for IFAF’s (International Federation of American Football) 19U World Development Team that nearly defeated a US HS Select team in AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

After serving as a clinic speaker and instructor in countries such as England, France, Denmark, Sweden and Nigeria he is well qualified to talk about how the game of American football is expanding and can be improved upon at the national level.

Coach Barnes Addresses Winning USA-AFW ELITE Team in LaCorneuve, France

Coach Barnes Addresses Winning USA-AFW ELITE Team in LaCorneuve, France

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