NCAA Eligibility Issue – Amateurism

If you are participating in this tour and will not participate in NCAA athletics you are under no fundraising restrictions and this section in not applicable to you.
Relevant NCAA Bylaw An individual may not receive expenses from an outside amateur sports organization in excess of actual and necessary travel, room and board expenses and apparel and equipment for competition and practice held in preparation for such competition.

• An individual may receive actual and necessary expenses to participate with an outside amateur sports team either from that team/organization or from someone on whom the individual is naturally or legally dependent(i.e. parent or legal guardian). It is also permissible for extended family members (e.g. uncle, aunt or cousin) to provide expenses.
• A representative of athletic interests from an institution you are interested in may contribute to an amateur organization through properly established channels if the contributions are not ‘earmarked’ for a specific prospect.
Apparent Practical Impact: American Football Worldwide (AFW) in conjunction with Global Football (GF) administrates and schedules foreign education and international competition tours sponsoring amateur Team Stars & Stripes to tour and compete. You can have family members make gifts and donations to you, and/or the Global Football Foundation (GFF), a 501(c)(3) entity making donations tax-deductible,that are earmarked for you and will pay for your actual and necessary expenses for this tour. However, you CANNOT receive funds above this amount. From the GFF, AFW and GF you will not receive funds above this ‘expense’ amount. If there are others (non-relatives) who want to make contributions to you directly, payments to Gullivers on your behalf or to the GFF these are potential NCAA eligibility concerns:
• If you will be an NCAA Division III athlete, from NCAA legislation in January, 2011 there are no longer restrictions and other donors can still make contributions that can be earmarked for your benefit;
• If you will be an NCAA Division II or Division I athlete you risk compromising your eligibility if a donor who is not in the groups listed above makes a contribution that is earmarked for you and distributed to you. Non-relatives will still be allowed to make donations to the Global Football Foundation or American Football Worldwide but it cannot be earmarked for you exclusively. Distribution of these funds must be at the discretion of the organization. You will benefit as donated funds in this category will be distributed, but not dollar-for-dollar.

Additional Clarifications:
• Under no circumstances can you accept, nor will our organizations provide, funding that exceeds the cost of participation (i.e. the cost of the competition tour).
• Under no circumstances should you accept funds or benefits to attend a particularNCAA institution to participate in athletics.
• If you contribute and fund-raise more than the amount that is required to cover the actual and necessary expenses of this tour, the funds will be distributed as AFW and the Global Football Foundation see fit for tour needs and program development. Again, you will not be able to receive funds in excess of expenses.
• Disclaimer: American Football Worldwide,Global Football and Gullivers Travel will not be responsible for your college eligibility following your participation on this trip/tour. If you have additional questions in this regard, consult with the NCAA ( regarding any future NCAA eligibility concerns. For more information, contact Jim Barnes, download the NCAA Eligibility Document and/or reference

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