AFW ELITE “Harlem Shake” It in Paris

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AFW Harlem Shake It in ParisDSC_8078

Following a photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower and touring of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral players, parents and coaches had some unstructured free time to enjoy additional sight-seeing, cafe time and souvenir hunting. One group of players with parent escorts ventured off to an area adjacent to the famed-cathedral for a secret taping of the AFW ELITE version of Harlem Shake. Joined by some passerby French citizens, this version was a highly creative, fun and bonding moment of the tour that took place on the second full day of the tour. The team was ‘coming together’ and it was that unity that strengthened all week which helped forego a 19-0 victory over the national U19 team of France later in the week.

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