AFW ELITE Team Meeting

AFW ELITE Team Meeting

With thoughtful and efficient fundraising efforts on your part you can lower the cost of your overseas trip somewhat substantially – even fund-raising nearly the entire as some past travelers have accomplished with dedicated effort.  One technique that has been highly effective for our past touring student-athletes is to simply and politely ask those who care about you personally, who have been supportive for all or part of your life, for their further assistance and you will find that they will gladly give at least a little – or even more – to see to it that you enjoy and grow form this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Physical Play by USA ELITE v France

A viable opportunity for you to fund-raise is utilization of the AFW Sponsorship form ( AFW ELITE ITALY Tour Sponsorship Form or AFW ELITE IRELAND Tour Sponsorship Form). Download this document and send it to 30 or more people who are either family members, relatives, teachers/coaches, colleagues or friends of your parents or grandparents giving them the option to donate to your tour.  For instance, if you were to receive on average of $50 from each person (some may not donate but others may give $100 or more) you would raise almost one-half of the tour cost ($1500).

Some other fund-raising ideas other players have utilized:

  • School-based Fund-raiser – Some past travelers have had a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner, been allowed to set-up a table at a school function (basketball game), sold USA v Italy/Ireland t-shirts, etc. with various endeavors raising $800 to $2000.
  • Holiday Appeal –We are blessed with a very giving spirit at this upcoming time of year. Instead of the usual gifts, be proactive and ask for gifts in the form of donations to this once-in-a-lifetime trip to tour a fascinating part of Europe while representing the USA playing American football on foreign soil.
  • Service Group Scholarships – Many local service groups (Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.) have specific funds set aside ($200-$600) for these cross-cultural opportunities. Ask your parents to help you appeal to these groups for a significant grant. You may be asked to come into a luncheon to share with the group what you experienced and utilize this opportunity to grow in skills that will serve you well at college and later in life.
  • Graduation Gift – If you are a senior this is a tour occurring just months before your graduation from high school. Parents, grandparents and other family members may be willing to support this tremendous adventure as recognition of your outstanding work in the classroom and on the athletic fields.

Past AFW travelers have been creative knowing what works in their own community, however here are a couple of ideas you can utilize.

  • Sponsorship Letter – To get where you are in life there have been many people who have cared about and supported you. Chances are they would be willing to support you in your ambition to further your education and athletic career – especially for an activity where you will represent the USA in international competition and receive the unique benefits international travel offers. If you simply take time to ask, it is very possible that 20 of your closest relatives or family friends would be willing to gift to you $50 to $100 or more. This could add up to between $1,000 and $2,000 of financial support for your tour. You can also appeal to locak businesses your parents and family visit as well as professional colleagues and in some cases the business where your parents work. AFW has a sponsorship form that you can utilize for these purposes or you can utilize some of our language as you personalize your own appeal.
  • Develop a GoFund Me Account – Many of our recent travelers have taken advantage of this and other services that streamline your ability to tell your story, make your appeal and collect funds. You and your parents maintain control of the process and funds until sent in to fund our tour costs.
  • T-Shirt Sale – We have had some student-athletes produce t-shirts for a cost of around $5 (we can supply ‘USA vs. ______’ Logos and other graphics) and then sell the shirts at a high school basketball game, after a church service, etc for $20. Others have raised $800 to $1000.
  • Fund-raiser at Local Restaurants – We have had players have a night at a local restaurant (pizzerias, Buffalo Wild Wings, Panera) where a certain percentage of sales on an evening goes toward your tour costs.
  • Lift-a-thon: In the past one of our players received pledges where people donated a certain amount for every pound he lifted in certain categories and this helped raise near $1000.
  • Be Creative: If you or one of your parents have a talent or a craft, tie it in with the tour you are considering.

Download the ITALY Tour – Sponsorship Fund-Raising Form or the IRELAND Tour Fund-Raising Sponsorship Form .

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