Commitment to Safe Travel

October 25, 2017

AFW Travelers and Parents:

Please let me address events, some that have taken place overseas, over the past several years that may be a consideration regarding you or a family member traveling to Europe.

First, let me assure you that our experienced tour operators in Europe and I closely monitor developments on the continent.  We have steady and up-to-date communication regarding security developments everywhere that we travel.

To educate you as to how we move about once we arrive in Europe move from our hotel to tourist sites by private motor coach. We never use public transportation. We travel as a group with 5-7 coach-chaperones as well as a full-time athletic trainer. In addition, we usually have nearly as many parent travelers as student-athletes so there is a tremendous protective and mature sensibility about our group. Lastly, our student-athletes are supervised from the time we leave in the hotel in the morning until we return to the hotel at night.  Once we check back in our athletes are not allowed to leave the hotel grounds.

Also, as has been the case for several years the sites we visit – the Vatican, Roman Coliseum, Dublin, etc. – have the most stringent security procedures.  As for Italy, I believe Rome is and will be very secure. Once outside of Rome and in places such as Siena, Florence, Cinque Terra and the Lake Como region we are in extremely safe areas.  Ireland has been a very safe country for visitors.

For the upcoming AFW tours we are confidant that our journey to these fascinating countries will be safe and secure. We will not run any tour if we do not firmly believe that all of us will journey to enjoy Europe and return with great memories.

If you have further questions in this regard, you are very welcome to contact me.

Jim Barnes

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