Commitment to Safe Travel

American Football Worldwide has been and is committed to healthy and safe travel as the primary element of service to clients.  For a decade, and at times through some challenging circumstances which on occasion can arise in the world, we have always served our travelers with thoughtful planning and execution of our responsibilities to our traveler’s safety.  It is our commitment to have you enjoy a phenomenal travel experience then bring you home healthy and excited to share stories of your inspiring journey.  Constant monitoring of health and safety conditions, and when needed adjusting to circumstances that can affect our travelers, has been a consistent duty responsibly carried out by AFW and our service providers.  There is daily review of situations affecting travel through the air and on the ground at your current and upcoming destinations.  We have been and will be consistently addressing all matters relative to safe travel post Covid-19 with up-to-date science-based adjustments.  Prior to departure our travelers will receive thorough information to prepare for a safe journey and we are available to answer any questions you have before departure.  Note that our tours are designed to have you travel via private and sanitized motor coach.  You will receive daily instruction as to considerations in this regard and we will have a tour manager with you at all times to address any further questions that may arise during your journey.

College Team/Family Tours

College tours will have an AFW tour coordinator meet you at your departing US airport.  Upon arrival in your destination country we will have a bi-lingual tour manager meet your group.  The group will consistently travel by motor coach together.  For this age group the instruction of not only AFW personnel but also the college coach-chaperone staff must be respected and abided.  There will be times that groups of student-athletes or family members may have unstructured free time but all travelers will be asked to act within the parameters given in daily instructions.

High School Team/Family Tours

With high school select team and family tours we always travel by private motor coach. We never use public transportation. We travel as a group with 5-7 coach-chaperones as well as a full-time athletic trainer. In addition, we usually have nearly as many parent travelers as student-athletes so there is a tremendous protective and mature sensibility about our group. Lastly, our student-athletes are supervised from the time we leave the hotel in the morning until we return to the hotel at night.  Once we check back to our hotel in the evening our athletes are not allowed to leave the hotel grounds.

Also, as has been the case for several years the sites we visit – the Vatican, Roman Coliseum, Paris, Dublin, etc. – have the most stringent security procedures.  As for Italy, I believe Rome is and will be very secure. Once outside of Rome and in places such as Siena, Florence, Cinque Terra and the Lake Como region we are in extremely safe areas.  Ireland has been a very safe country for visitors.

For the upcoming AFW tours we are confidant that our journey to these fascinating countries will be safe and secure. We will not run any tour if we do not firmly believe that all of us will enjoy the experience and return with wonderful memories.

If you have further questions in this regard, you are very welcome to contact AFW Director Jim Barnes.

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