AFW positively impacts Student-Athletes by providing unique growth experiences through international travel and special overseas American football competitions.


The health and safety of our student-athlete and family member travelers is of primary importance. Due to the sudden rise of the Covid-19 Pandemic resulting in governmental restrictions on international travel and other related activities, tours for the Spring 2020 season can not take place. AFW is working with the booking agency and tour service providers to make whatever favorable accommodations, reimbursements and rescheduling arrangements are possible for registrants. The patience of our AFW clientele is greatly appreciated.

With further health and medical developments dominating the situation and our considerations, it remains our hope that AFW will be able to resume an educational, athletic fellowship, exciting and tremendously enjoyable tour season in the Spring of 2021. Please re-visit our site or contact us for further information in the weeks or months ahead.

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An Experience Our Student-Athletes and Travelers Will Never Forget

This is AFWs 8th year taking HS student-athletes and select teams abroad to play in a special game of American football at the international level against another country's national 19U team. We seek adventurous and ambitious young men who want to explore the world and whose family values the unique education and self-growth international travel provides. Our young men return more self-assured and confident. They see new potential as to their future and the role they can play in the world.

By their nature, these tours are excellent experiences for those going on to college. They are especially valuable if a young man is intending to play football at the collegiate level. Everyone will play a significant amount in the international game as we only take one-and-a-half to no more than 2-deep at all position groupings.

These tours have served as a graduation or Christmas gift, or a preferred 'spring break' experience, provided from parents, grandparents or other relatives. At the same time, our other fund-raising ideas including our Sponsorship program have helped past players come up with over half or more of the tour costs.

With the necessary planning details in a tour of this nature time is of the essence. Roster positions are awarded on a first-to-register basis and some spots can close out. You are encouraged to contact us immediately. Family members are welcomed and encouraged to join the tour as well.

Anyone who has been on one of these tours has experienced one of the greatest growth experiences and most meaningful memories of their life. As to players, we hope you will seize this special opportunity and culminate a high school football career wearing the Red, White and Blue - and as a winner - playing in a game next spring that you will never forget.

Things Come and Go, But Experiences and Education Stay With Us Forever Valuably Contributing to Who We Become.

Players and parents get several opportunities throughout the week to experience the culture and landmarks.
Players not only create lifelong memories, but will also create friendships with their new teammates.
The team will bond together throughout the week, including meals and tours.
The week will culminate with a competitive game football.
Our team practices throughout the week to prepare for the game.
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